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 LICO Group Corporation

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Lico - South Meadows Estate

Brian and Sam Loomis-Wooley Project

  Contractors of Quality Construction

The LICO Group Corporation
has established a great number of lasting relationships with our family of subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, consultants, architects, engineers and all of those whom represent only the best in their respective part of the building or construction industry. These relationships have developed over many years and have taught us valuable lessons in providing fine quality and maintaining only the highest of standards. All of this translates into homes that are superior to all others, and therefore a home you can proudly call you own.

At the LICO Group Corporation, we focus on the active adult and senior. We are very much in tune with the wants and needs of these individuals, allowing us to emphasize those aspects of a home that would otherwise not be included. One aspect we incorporate is the idea of the common interest community. But that does not mean only standardized homes are possible-we will customize to client's hearts content on interiors. In fact, we encourage our clients to do just that, as we believe a home is an individual creation, just like their future owners. We value their input and ideas, as it can only result in a better home in the end.

 Loomis-Wooley Interior picture  Loomis-Wooley Interior picture  Loomis-Wooley Interior picture


LICO Group Corporation • 385 West Center Street • Manchester, CT 06040 • Phone: (888) 227-2677

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